ST5k Chaser Wireless Kit

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ST5k Chaser Wireless Kit

Do you wish you could communicate with your friends on track just like you do while playing I-racing or Forza? Want to discuss what the best line through that last corner was, how crazy the car in front of you is driving, or talk trash to your buddy on how you just set the fastest lap?

HMS has developed a way for you and your friends to communicate in real time while driving on track together and allowing those at home to join in as well . The ST5K Chaser Wireless Car kit connects drivers’ built-in helmet electronics to their cell phones, providing a simple alternative to a radio system. Your chat size is only limited by the app you choose to use whether that’s Discord, Team Speak, etc. and anyone with a cell phone, no matter the location, can join in if you provide the link to your chat.

This harness takes inspiration from professional racing setups, using a steering wheel mounted Velcro Push to Talk button (PTT). Incorporating a PTT into our proprietary harness cuts down on unwanted sounds and distractions, by muting audio when the button is not pressed.

By using the Chaser communicator, drivers and instructors are able to utilize their phone’s own mobile connection to communicate. The wiring harness connecting everything can be used in any vehicle and doesn’t require intensive installation. The Car Harness plugs directly into drivers helmet kits, and is available with IMSA (Female), Roux (Female) and Stilo (Male) connectors.

When using this setup, the car harness must first be plugged into the Trac-Com Chaser. The driver then connects their helmet kit directly to the harness using the helmet connector. The Trac-Com Chaser will be connected to the user’s cell phone via Bluetooth. Once the components are connected, the driver is then able to connect to other drivers using third party apps, or a simple cell phone call.

Advantages of using Cell Phones:

Doesn't require buying a radio for each user and syncing up all frequencies
Cell Phones can use cellular or Wi-Fi connection to communicate
Wi-Fi coverage is often more reliable than cell coverage, and in some cases is better than standard handheld radios.
Using a cell phone means your chat is only limited by the app or phone call, regardless of the connection type. Third party apps like Discord or Team speak allow anyone with a cell phone join into the chat.

More about the Chaser:

The Trac-Com Chaser Communicator is the perfect way to receive audio feedback from any Bluetooth device directly into your helmet. Once paired, the driver connects with an integrated helmet kit.

The adjustable volume keys on the unit allow for quick, on the fly audio adjustment without having to reach for the audio device! Reliable Bluetooth 5.1 ensures low latency and terrific audio quality. A Lithium Ion Polymer battery is used to avoid any potentially dangerous overheating issues.


  • (1)Chaser Car Harness
  • (1)Velcro Push to Talk Button
  • (1)Trac-Com Chaser Bluetooth Communicator
  • Selecting the right harness connector:
  • Stilo (Male): Perfect for drivers using Stilo helmets with built in Stilo Electronics. Please Note: This will not work with Trophy electronics kits.
  • IMSA (Female): This connector is designed for helmets using male IMSA plugs, or for customers wishing to also purchase a Trac-Com Helmet Speaker Kit.
  • Roux (Female): The Roux option allows drivers to plug the ST5K Harness directly into the Male connector on their helmet.

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