0447.08.17.44-Front PFC 08 Compound Racing Pads

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08 compounds are one of PFC newest and have gained immediate favor in Endurance Sportscar, and GT racing due to its performance in applications where smooth initial bite is a must. 08 have a slight friction rise with temperature, excellent release and modulation characteristics. Very low abraded disc wear with a fine grey slate like disc finish, similar to 01. Despite its considerable performance, 08 wears the longest of all PFC pads and easily matches wear of the other competitors with much higher bite. If temperature isn’t an issue, 08 can be replaced with 12 compound.
08 Recommended Applications:
• Endurance Sportscar and GT
• NASCAR Short Track and Road Course Rear
• NASCAR Speedway and Intermediate Rear
• All Oval Track Race series Rear
• SCCA Racing
• Porsche/BMW Club Racing
• Track Day and Driver Education events

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