Coolshirt Motorsports Drain Kit

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Coolshirt Motorsports Drain Kit

The COOLSHIRT drain kit is designed to make draining your shirt and/or cooler quick and easy. The kit comes with 2 female connectors and 1 male connector with roughly two feet of tubing.

To drain your garment just connect the female connectors to it and hang the garment to allow it to gravity drain. We recommend that you leave the female connectors in the shirt after it has drained for several hours to allow any excess moisture in the tubes to evaporate. If needed, you can blow a light stream or air (10psi or less) through the garment to aid in the draining process.

The male connector and tubing will allow you to plug into the cooler and pump the water out. We recommend that you leave the cooler lip open after pumping the cooler out to allow for any excess moisture to evaporate.

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