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Solo2 and Solo2 DL Lap Timer

Note: If you are planning to mount your Solo2 on the windshield don't forget to buy the Suction Cup Mount

The Solo2 is probably one of the best driver self-improvement tools out there. Predictive lap timing gives instant feedback. Try a different line through a corner and see how much time you gained/lost on the following straight vs. your best reference lap. Solo2 is also popular in edurance racing to help you maintain a certain pace or to see how working your way through traffic. At the end of the day or even between sessions, upload and analyze your lap data on a PC or tablet. Compare data between different drivers and see where improvements can be made.

Yes, there are all sorts of smartphone apps that claim to do the same thing and we have tried them all and found that none work as well as a Solo. That's why we always bring one to any race weekend we attend. Just mount in any car and go! Even many professional race drivers use them in cars that have full blown big dollar race dashes.

The new Solo2 version brings several improvements in key areas:

  • Receives the data from two satellites constellations, GPS and Glonass: this is a huge step forward since it is unbelievably faster and more precise than the previous version and the lap times are calculated within a maximum gap not higher than 2/100 sec.
  • Predictive lap timing is much more reliable
  • Configurable color LEDs will give you a quick visual reference on the time gap compared to the best lap
  • WiFi connectivity for uploading data to your PC
  • Solo 2 DL now features a digital input allowing to log RPM
    either from square wave signals (8-50 V signal)
    or pulse signals (150-450 V ignition coil trigger – primary circuit).

Available in two versions:

  • Solo2 - All the lap timing and data analysis features
  • Solo2 DL - Adds ECU connectivity to get a lot more information directly from your car's ECU. (ex: RPM, Speed, Throttle Position etc.)

Note: If you are planning to mount your Solo2 on the windshield don't forget to add the Suction Cup Mount.

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