Aim SmartyCam 3 Dual


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Aim SmartyCam 3 Dual

SmartyCam 3 Dual is the flagship version of SmartyCam 3 range, designed for any racer who wants to get the most out from any performance video on the track.
Dual Full HD camera system, Video output, CAN connection, USB-C connection, Ethernet port are only few of the features of SmartyCam 3 Dual: the most powerful of our range.

Full internal data logger

Thanks to its second CAN SmartyCam 3 Dual receives and stores in a .mp4 file all data coming from any CAN expansion.
At the end of your test, your SD Card contains all the information you need for a deep data analysis. SD card is sold separately.

Designed for the extreme

An on-board camera designed for motorsport must guarantee great resistance against the extreme working conditions typical of racing and against the most adverse weather conditions.
That's why SmartyCam 3 Dual and his bullet cams are made in anodized aluminum and IP65 waterproof.

Automatic Start/Stop

You have other things to think about while you are racing and SmartyCam 3 is aware of that.
That is why it switches on/off automatically and starts/stops recording in the same way.

No "wave effect" with Global Shutter CMOS

Engine rumble causes vibrations, which are a big problem for video recording. You will never experience again that seasick “wave effect” you get watching videos recorded by a generic camera when the car rolls at 7,000 RPM.
SmartyCam 3 cameras have been designed for that environment and for those vibrations.
“Wave effect” is just a distant memory.

High quality with small size video files

Generic HD cameras are focused on the highest pixels number. The result is that their video files are far too large, taking too much memory; for this reason SmartyCam 3 videos have the same quality as other Full HD cameras but their files are smaller thanks to the H.264 compression system parameters that is optimized to perfectly balance video quality and file size.

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