Aim MyChron5S Kart Lap Timer & Data Logger


Sensor Option: 1T
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Aim MyChron5S Kart Data Logger

Another step in the evolution of our MyChron, which history started 25 years ago!
MyChron5S is the latest version of the game changer datalogger, precisely designed for kart racing.

  • There are four big differences between MyChron5 and MyChron5S, one of which is interesting just now while the others will be important soon.
  • The GPS frequency has improved from 10 to 25 Hz and the precision accuracy has improved from about 5 feet to 2 feet (1.5 m to 45 cm in approximately).
  • Redesigned Wi-Fi Module: a new firmware is under test for improving the baud rate. The data download will be 5 times faster.
  • More powerful processor. The new one is the same as on top range products: 2 times faster than the MyChron5 one and with much more memory; a lot of firmware features are only waiting for more internal memory for being developed.

MyChron 5 1T Karting Data Acquisition System w/ 1 CHT ( Cylinder head Temperature) Sensor

MyChron5 2T also samples a second temperature at your choice.

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