Best Racing Helmets - 2024

Best Racing Helmets of 2024 - we pick our favorites!

Are you new to the sport and looking for a first helmet? Or  are you an experienced track rat and logged so much seat time the liner of your trusty lid is turning to dust? Read on. In this article we'll review our top picks for helmets broken down by intended use and budget categories.

1. Lapping, Auto Racing, Karting Helmets

Best budget helmets - under $500

Whether you are just getting ready for your first track day or a seasoned veteran looking to replace your well worn lid, these budget friendly helmets are our top picks in the under $500 price range. All are Snell SA2020 approved for Motorsports use.

  1. HJC H10 is our top pick in this category. Sleek, aerodynamic and stylish design with comfy liner consistently fits a variety of head shapes comfortably. Good ventilation will keep you cool on hot days. HJC's experience as one of the top motorcycle helmet manufacturers in the world shows in their motorsports helmet.
  2. Zamp RZ-36 features a sleek, aerodynamic and lightweight shell. Removable (for washing) plush comfort liner offers excellent fit. Reasonably tinted visor options makes this helmet an excellent value
  3. Zamp RZ-59 redefines inexpensive. Excellent fit, comfy interior and great ventilation! This helmet is really tough to beat at this price point!



1. HJC H10 Racing Helmet 2. Zamp RZ-36 Racing Helmet 3. Zamp RZ-59 Racing Helmet


Best mid range helmets - under $500 to $900

Helmets in this category step up the game with more advanced construction materials, lighter weight, better interior materials and fit. All are Snell SA2020 approved and some even carry the stringent FIA 8859 safety approval.

  1. Zamp RZ-62 features a super lightweight aramid mix shell. TRI-Tech air system allows for forced air cooling. Hydration plug for easy water bottle setup. Super plush removable interior for comfort. Available aero accessories and colorful graphics options also make it a super popular helmet for Karting.
  2. HJC H70 with it's sleek euro style shell carries the more stringent FIA 8859 approval. Excellent ventilation, removable/washable comfort liner. High level protection and comfort at this price point!
  3. Zamp RZ-70E with it's superlight aramid mix composite shell, multiple configuration options for air flow, hydration and communication options makes it a great option for entry into competitive wheel-to-wheel racing. FIA 8859 approved.
1. Zamp RZ-62 2. HJC H70 3. Zamp RZ-70


Best premium helmets $900 to $2,000

With advanced features such as built-in electronics, high tech composite shells, an array of accessory options for air cooling, hydration, aerodynamics, helmets in this category offer everything a serious racer will need!

  1. Stilo ST5F GT - Our best selling Stilo helmet. With standard WRC integrated electronics with ear muff speakers, noise cancelling microphone to connect your helmet directly to your in-car radio system or rally intercom. Factory installed Hans posts. Multiple optional accessories for forced air and drinking systems. Best fit and materials quality in the business. SA2020 and FIA 8859 approvals.
  2. Stilo ST5FN - Is basically a streamlined version of the ST5F GT above, without side ports or built-in electronics. Stilo fit and quality in a lighter shell. SA2020 and FIA 8859 approvals
  3. Zamp RZ-64C and RZ-65D Carbon - Super lightweight carbon shells, plush interiors for excellent fit and comfort, myriad of accessory options for forced air, hydration and aerodynamics, plus colorful graphics option in a sub $1K helmet? Yes it's possible!
1. Stilo ST5F GT 2. Stilo ST5FN 3. Zamp RZ-64C and RZ-65D Carbon


Best ultra premium / pro level helmets $2000+

In this category you will find features such as advanced higher tensile strength carbon fiber, strict FIA 8860 approvals, built in communications and exquisite build quality and materials, these helmets will propel you all the way up to pro level racing. 

  1. Stilo ST5F GT Carbon & Stilo ST5F GT 8860 Carbon - Carbon version of the best selling ST5F GT composite. Same amazing features but in a hand laid and finished carbon fiber shell. SNELL SA2020 and FIA 8859 approved. FIA 8860 approval available.
  2. Schubert SP1 - Exquisite build materials and quality, hand crafted in Italy. The SP1 comes pre-configured with communication electronics, and is SA2020 and FIA 8859 approved. 
  3. Zamp RZ-88C & RZ-88O - Zamp's most advanced helmet and their first FIA 8860 approved helmet. Advanced carbon weave, super plush interior. Can be configured with communications and Zamp even includes a helmet bag. The most affordable way to get FIA 8860 approval!


1. Stilo ST5 F GT Carbon 2. Schuberth SP1 Carbon 3. Zamp RZ-88C Carbon


Best open face helmets for lapping, autocross & track days

For those that prefer the airy feeling of an open face helmets for track use, these are our top picks

  1. Stilo Trophy Venti Jet - Stilo's legendary fit and finish, made in Italy quality, in a premium open face helmet. Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859 approved.
  2. Stilo Sport Jet - Stilo's newest helmet. Stilo quality in under $600 helmet. Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859 approvals and it even comes with factory installed hans posts! ($100 value)
  3. Simpson Cruiser 2.0 - Latest version of Simpson's timeless classic. Snell SA2020 approved.


2. Best Rallye Helmets - 2024

Stilo first made a name for themselves in World Rallye Championship. It is the helmet brand of choice for pros competing in WRC as well as Rallye racers of all levels. With a full array of top notch communication options and accessories so critical in Rallye competition. This why we only sell rallye helmets from Stilo. They are the best in this business!

  1. Stilo Venti WRC - The newest version of the most recognizable helmet in rallye competition, the Stilo Venti WRC. Best in business communication electronics and intercom connectivity. Legendary fit and comfort. SA2020 and FIA 8859 approvals.
  2. Stilo Venti Trophy Plus - Trophy Plus features integrated rallye electronics with a boom style mic., ompatible with WRC and DG wired intercoms. Factory installed Hans posts. SA2020 and FIA 8859 approvals
  3. Stilo Sport Plus - Stilo newest budget friendly Rallye helmet. Integrated electronics compatible with WRC and DG wired intercoms. Factory installed Hans posts. SA2020 and FIA 8859 approvals for under $700!
1. Stilo Venti WRC 2. Stilo Venti Trophy Plus 3. Stilo Sport Plus