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WRC DES EVO 9v Intercom - AB0214

New Features include further improved Audio quality derived from the ST-30 and thanks to the "Extra filter" switch it ensures excellent noise cancelling quality even in a Super 2000, the most noisy car beyond dispute. Activating the Extra Filter function, background noises are strongly damped and the co-drivers' voice can be louder to the drivers' ears. Since the drivers' voice volume shall be lower to the co-driver instead, it is recommended that the Extra Filter is deactivated on transfer.

Transceivers can be connected to the intercom (Listening only) setting the internal switch to "Radio In". This intercom can also be connected to on board cameras and can record the audio from the intercom. Features a switch for output level.

This is a version of the WRC DES EVO to be used on 9V power. While it retains the advanced audio quality of the WRC DES EVO (discontinued), it does not have Bluetooth capability which most people do not need.

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