Stilo ST5 Helmet Breath Deflector

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Stilo ST5 Helmet Breath Deflector

The Stilo ST5 breath deflector kit for CMR and KRT helmets is designed to avoid fogging on the interior of your visor when racing in cold or wet conditions. This is easily fitted inside your helmet onto the chin pad with velcro tabs. Made of soft and flexible foam its molded shape fits above your nostrils, which directs breath warm breath downwards and away from the inside of a cold visor?

Fits all Stilo CMR 2016 & KRT helmets, and can be used in other non-Stilo branded helmets

The kit includes:

Stilo Breath deflector
Velcro ring to be fitted in the central hole of the chin pad
Adhesive/velcro rings to be fitted above the central hole

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