Schroth Profi Seat Kit




Schroth Profi Seat Kit

NOTE: Special order item. Ships in 2-3 weeks.

SCHROTH Racing Profi Seat kit uses a vacuum casting bag with a unique bead and quick cure resin (30 Min.) making it a simple, easy to use and professional system to fit any driver into any race car or seat. The SCHROTH Racing Profi Seat kit provides the driver an “individual” seating solution for the optimum racing position, improved performance and driver safety.

Profi Seat Kit Advantages:

  • Profi Seat insert is flame resistant
  • Profi Seat insert is not temperature sensitive and does not shrink over time
  • Profi Seat offers insulation from vibration & energy absorption
  • Profi Seat reduces fatigue & improves performance

 Profi Seat Sizes

  • Seat Kit Size - 25 Liter: Ideal for Big Drivers in a tight cockpit or seat shell.Designed to fit torso or legs etc.
  • Seat Kit Size - 30 Liter: Ideally suits - tight cockpits or a liner / insert inside a seat shell or extractable seat. Applications:F1, GP2, Touring Car, LMP, Formula Ford, WSR, F3 & Historic cockpits with bigger drivers.
  • Seat Kit Size - 40 Liter: As above for 30 Litre but with a smaller driver.
  • Seat Kit Size - 50 Liter: Ideally suits - The Most Popular Single Seater Application, such as: Formula Renault, GP2, GP3, F3, World Series Renault plus LMP & also has been used for smaller drivers (and we mean SMALL!) in seat shells such as GT, Touring Cars & some extractable seats.
  • Seat Kit Size - 70 Liter: Ideally suits - like a 50 Litre to be a stand alone seat in open cockpits such as: Caterhams, Radical, Sports 2000, & also has been used for small drivers in Formula Renault, F3, IRL, Indy Lights & Super Formula.

Kit Contents:

  • Bag as listed above (Has an on/ off valve with filter)
  • Liters of beads as listed above (Impact absorption bead mix)
  • Resin (Resin has helpful color dye to assist in mixing)
  • Funnel, Mixing Jug & mixing stick. Hose (For vacuum)
  • Instruction Manual + Key Points For Success Sheet