G5L Braille Green-Lite Li-Ion Battery 1.4lbs/197PCA

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Braille Green-Lite Li-Ion Battery - G5L

Weighs only 1.4 lbs!!!

Right side positive version of G5

Braille Lithium-Ion Technology produces a battery with more power that is lighter, stronger and more efficient. Braille's signature cranking power and over 50%lighter.

  • Race Winning Lithium Technology Designed for the Enthusiast and the Professional
  • Tremendous Weight Savings
  • Original Equipment Direct Replacement Sizing and Superior Starting
  • Excellent Off-Season Storage Performance
  • Brass Terminals, and High Amp Design
  • RoHS, Environmentally Friendly and DOT Approved.

** PbEq equals Lead-Acid Equivalent also known as LAH Lithium-Amp-Hours. This means that an 18 LAH PbEq (6AH) Lithium Iron Phosphate battery could perform the same near as an 18 AH Lead-acid battery under a high rate discharge in comparison.

  • Weight: 1.4lbs / 0.63kg
  • Length: 4.45" / 113mm
  • Width: 2.36" / 60mm
  • Height: 3.39" / 86mm
  • Polarity: Right Side Positive
  • Voltage: 12
  • Full Charge Voltage: 13.3
  • Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA): 197
  • Amp Hour (AH): 2.4
  • Lithium Amp Hour/Lead-Acid Equivalent (LAH/PbEq)**: 7.2

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