G14S Lithium Green Lite Motorsports 12 Volt Battery

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G14S Lithium Green Lite Motorsports 12 Volt Battery


At only 4.0 lbs, the G14S Lithium “GREEN-LiTE” Motorsports 12 Volt Battery is a high-performance upgrade from a traditional lead acid battery. Offering significant weight reduction, more power output and lasting up to 5 times longer than lead acid batteries!

Benefits :

  • Superior starting capabilities with high cranking amp output per kg
  • Fast and efficient recharge, up to 5 times faster than lead acid batteries
  • Can be used in “Total Loss” (no alternator) applications
  • 3-5 times longer service life vs lead-acid batteries
  • Engineered for high shock and vibration applications
  • Up to 2/3 weight reduction for equivalent cranking performance

Physical specs :

  • Chemistry LFP
  • Length (in) 5.9″
  • Width (in) 3.4″
  • Height (in) 5.8″
  • Weight (lbs) 4.0
  • Terminal Type Brass terminal block with M6 bolt
  • Polarity Left

Technical Specs :

  • 5S PCA 697
  • 10s PDC 625
  • Voltage 12
  • Capacity (Ah) 12.5
  • Capacity (Wh) 160
  • Continuous Discharge Current (A) 250
  • Charging Temperature 0C to 50C
  • Discharge Temperature range -20C to +60C
  • Storage temperature -20C to +60C

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