Bully Clutch Kit


Bully Clutch Kit

We are an authorized Bully Clutch dealer. 

Bully clutches are highest quality and engineered for the racing and street car enthusiast by enthusiasts st Bully Clutch who also happen to be friction specialists. Bully Clutches closely follow O.E. pressure plate engagement characteristics to help maintain longevity of surrounding components such as slave and master cylinders, forks, thrust bearings, cables, etc. Considerably increased clamping force to help hold the load of today's high horsepower vehicles. 

Bully clutches are available in 5 stages:

Bully clutch stage 1 kit  

Stage 1

A smooth engagement is achieved when combining an OE quality organic disc with a mild clamp load increased pressure plate. 
This stage increases the torque capacity by 15-20% making it a perfect choice for the daily driven vehicle with the typical bolt-ons. 

Bully Clutch stage 2 kit

Stage 2

A dual friction disk that incorporates a steel back plated segmented Kevlar facing on the pressure plate side while keeping the organic on the flywheel side, further increasing the torque capacity. 
Very popular with showroom, stock racing or touring cars where the engine output is within 40% of the OE offering. 

Bully Clutch stage 3 kit

Stage 3

When it comes to friction coefficient, Kevlar is a major improvement over an organic composite yet has similar engagement characteristics. 
A full steel back plated segmented Kevlar disc combined with our modified pressure plate improves the torque capacity by 40-60%. 

The stage 3 is ideal for the occasional track days and milder forced induction setups. 

Blully Clutch stage 4 kit


Stage 4

The stage 4 is our best seller and lets you choose between a 4 or 6 puck sprung disc for more aggressive shifting. 
The pressure plate and puck style disc combination yields an increase in torque capacity of 80-100%. In addition, it provides a more direct feedback. 

Although recommended for racing as well as forced induction applications, the ceramic buttons do have a wide operational range which allows for daily driving. 

Bully Clutch stage 5 kit

Stage 5

An un-sprung 3 or 4 puck disc with ceramic buttons contribute in making the stage 5 a full race and drag clutch.