B128L Braille Micro-Lite Li-Ion Battery 8.3lbs/1698PCA

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Braille Micro-Lite Li-Ion Battery - B128L


All the Power, Alternator safe and under 9 pounds!

Braille's exclusive technology allows the direct implementation of the high power lithium technology with Alternators and common charging systems. The B128L is the most popular model in the MicroLite line and currently used in every car in the DTM (Audi, BMW, Mercedes), SuperGT (Lexus, Nissan, Honda, Subaru) and Australian V8 Supercars (Holden, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes), along with P1, P2 and GT cars in endurance racing in the USA and abroad. New for 2017, the new IMSA DPi cars of Cadillac/Dallara are factory equipped with the B128L lithium battery!!

  • Braille Lithium delivers a higher, cleaner voltage which improves the performance of every electrical component and has shown to provide:
  • Quicker starting (a full volt higher than lead and less voltage drop during cranking)
  • Improved engine management & data logging performance (more stable voltage)
  • Less horsepower draw from the alternator due to efficient charging (5 times faster than lead),
  • Lasts 3-5 times longer (especially under the harshest environments),
  • Much more reliable (less than 1% failure rate)
  • Significant weight savings. (up to 1/4 the weight)
  • Doesn't self-discharge, so if the battery is disconnected (no draw or via power disconnect switch), they can sit for over a year and still have over 13 volts to start the vehicle.

    • Weight: 8.3lbs / 3.76kg
    • Length: 10" / 254mm
    • Width: 3.25" / 83mm
    • Height: 6.15" / 156mm
    • Polarity: Right Side Positive
    • Voltage: 12
    • Full Charge Voltage: 14.4
    • Pulse Cranking Amps (PCA): 1698
    • Amp Hour (AH): 22.5
    • Lithium Amp Hour/Lead-Acid Equivalent (LAH/PbEq): 68
    • Life Cycle @ 10% DOD: 5000

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