HB775P.735 Hawk SuperDuty Brake Pads FRONT

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HB775P.735 Hawk SuperDuty Brake Pads FRONT

For over 25 years, Hawk Performance has developed solutions for some of the largest trucks on the planet used by both OE and aftermarket companies servicing the mining, construction, military and commercial truck markets. The unique ferro-carbon material in SD pads delivers extremely high fade resistance, with superior high-temperature rotor and brake pad wear. This compound has been engineered for Class 2 and higher, on-highway, commercial grade vehicles. This product is not recommended for personal or recreational trucks and SUVs.

2008 Ford E-150 , 2008 Ford E-250 , 2009 Ford E-150 , 2009 Ford E-250 , 2010 Ford E-150 , 2010 Ford E-250 , 2011 Ford E-150 , 2011 Ford E-250 , 2012 Ford E-150 , 2012 Ford E-250 , 2013 Ford E-150 , 2013 Ford E-250 , 2014 Ford E-250 , 2014 Ford E-150 , 2016 Ford E-350 Super Duty ,

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