HB353Y.618 Hawk LTS Brake Pads REAR

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HB353Y.618 Hawk LTS Brake Pads REAR

LTS will dramatically improve your vehicle`s stopping power and fade resistance. Ideal for a broad range of import and domestic vehicles, LTS provides superior stopping power and longer pad life without excessive noise and dust and is the optimal pad choice for light duty trucks, all classes of SUVs and vans up to 1 ton.

1998 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, 1998 Ford Crown Victoria S, 1998 Ford Crown Victoria LX, 1999 Lincoln Town Car , 2000 Lincoln Town Car , 1998 Lincoln Town Car , 2001 Lincoln Town Car , 2002 Lincoln Town Car , 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis , 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis , 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis , 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis , 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis ,

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