Gulf Syntrac 4T 10W40 Motor Oil - 4L

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Syntrac 4T 10W-40 4L - TK129725

Gulf Syntrac 4T is a synthetic, 4-stroke petrol engine gearbox and wet clutch oil developed to meet the requirements of latest high performance water cooled 4-stroke motorcycles. It is blended from premium quality base stocks and advanced additive technology to exceed the most demanding lubrication requirements of modern 4-stroke motorcycles.

  • Minimises deposits and controls oil thickening
  • Antiwear properties
  • Eliminates clutch slippage
  • Special detergents for cleaner pistons
  • Maintains viscosity under high temperature-high shear environment
  • Easy starting at low ambient temperatures
  • Reduced oil consumption and hydrocarbon pollution
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors

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