Gulf RF800 Racing Brake Fluid - 500ml

Gulf RF800 Racing Brake Fluid - 500ml


Gulf Competition


Gulf RF800 Brake Fluid - RF800

Gulf Competition brake fluids are extremely high performance glycol based brake fluids designed for use in cars and motorcycles under racing and rallying conditions. They have exceptionally high boiling points, over 300 °C – among the highest available in the market for glycol-based brake fluids, and are suitable for use even when the brake discs get so hot they start to glow orange-red

  • ERBP: 305C (580F)
  • Minimises the risk of vapour lock
  • Resists oxidation at high temperatures
  • Superior high temperature stability
  • Superior low temperature fluidity
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Compatible with all seals and metals
  • 500ml bottle